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GaryWells started racing Go-Karts at the age of 3, winning three state championships, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, before retiring to begin a motorcycling career at age 10. He continued racing championship moto-cross and flat-track during off weeks after his inaugural jump at age 14.

Perhaps, Gary's maiden voyage into jumping could serve as evidence to the excitement, professionalism, and courage this young man would display throughout his career. This set the stage for a nationwide tour of forty-eight stops in thirty months, including of the Houston Astrodome, the Canadian National Exhibition, and the Iowa State Fair, to mention a few.

Gary has been featured nationally on all three major networks. (CBS Sports Spectacular, ABC That's Incredible, NBC Late Night with Tom Snyder, Mike Douglas, and Dick Clark Special, etc.)

In 1980 Gary broke his own World Record in Melbourne, Australia with a 176' 4" jump. In the time period between January 1979 to April of 1980, there were seven attempts by six other jumpers (four English, two Australians) at this distance and all have been unsuccessful.

The American stands unscathed and has thusly created a class of his own. The media has deemed him "a legend": one hundred and ten World Record jumps and only one accident.

This accident being the infamous Caesar's Palace Fountains in Las Vegas, September 15, 1980. Fighting the toughest challenge of his life, Gary Wells completely recovered from the catastrophic crash (which would have killed a lesser man).

The Motorcyclist Extraordinaire, like the mystical Phoenix Bird, re-emerged from his ashes, and made his inaugural comeback jump five months after the accident, with a nationwide tour followed by a performance in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the Formula One Grand Prix.

El Gringo Loco

Since those early days, Gary has continued to tour throughout Latin America, amazing a whole new set of fans. He currently lives in northern Sonora, known affectionately as "El Gringo Loco" (crazy white man), where he guides select off-road riders through the virtual wildnerness of the Sonoran coast. If you think that YOU may be capable of making one of these historic rides with Gary, you should click here for more information.

Otherwise, please enjoy this site and its trip back into the early days of extreme motorcycle riding!





Gary is
available for promotional appearances anywhere in the Southwest. Attract 1000's of customers to your business with a personal performance by a living legend! CLICK HERE to contact Gary.